Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Just In...

Today I am going to talk about Brittany Spears. Why? Because it seems that everyone else is talking about her and I don't want to be left out.

Honestly, though, I am so tired of hearing her name on television. It's like every time she looks crossed-eyed at someone we have to know about it.

The whole situation is sad and so very new... she was such a "sweet, inoocent" star and she has gone terribly wrong...wait. That's not new at all. That happens ALL THE TIME! Stars go wrong all the time. They get help (or not) and we all move on with our lives.

But what really fired me up was that my local news station did "breaking news" this morning. The breaking news? That Brittany Spears was rushed to the hospital again last night because she is a danger to herself and others.

Really? That's the best breaking news you've got? We have troops fighting in war, millions of people in poverty, wildfires in Texas, the Presidential race...and all they can come up with is Brittany Spears?

Honestly. What has happened to the United States that a has been pop star takes more air time than Presidential hopefuls?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Two Hour Delay

Well, winter is back. Very winter, in fact. It was only 30 yesterday and they are saying 31 today. And it will be only 19 on Saturday. We have had snow for the last couple of days, but not enough to really be what the weather guys would call a "significant event." It has been enough, though, to make the roads a little dicey, so we were all sure we would have an hour delay or be closed today.

Instead, we get a 2 hour delay.

Let me tell you why I think that is the dumbest thing EVER.

1. That means that our classes will be (at most) 20 minutes long today...except 4th period which will last for 2 hours because it is the lunch block. It is impossible to get ANYTHING done in 18 minutes...much less get anything done with 30 teenagers who are pissed off about not having a snow day in 18 minutes. And fourth period will feel like it goes on FOR-EV-ER.

2. We have 5 snow days worked into our calendar this year. we have never had that before--and they used to call us off for every flake it seemed, making our school year longer. This year the county is found of these two hour delays...have had two 2 hour delays and one day off. Go ahead and close it if you think it is bad enough to have a two hour delay.

I know that those of you who go to work in bad weather hate the fact that I am even entertaining the notion of complaining, but trust me...if you tried to function on this schedule, you would see why it gets a little crazy and weird. The kids were all convinced we would be off today (I didn't think we would be, but, at this point, I wish they would just call it already) and that makes for a fun filled day.

Until next time...

Saturday, January 12, 2008



Tuesday, January 8, 2008 January?

Last Wednesday our high was 16 degrees. Thursday it was 19 degrees.

Yesterday's high? 66 degrees. Today's high? 67 degrees...we may even hit a new record.

Our normal high? 38 degrees.

Anyone else freaked out by this? We had nearly three inches of snow Wednesday and today they are calling for he possibility of severe storms--not winter storms, but thunderstorms.

What the hell is going on here?

My grandpa told us that he had not seen a summer as dry as our last one since the Great Depression. Oddly enough the record highs for the last two days were set in the 1930's. What also happened during the 1930's? Oh, that's right...The Great Depression.

TJ says this is strange and it makes him believe a little less in global warming. He says that if it has happened before (before global warming was an issue) then there has to be another reason.

I think it is creepy that they dry summer and now the unusually warm winter coincides with the Great Depression.

Let's hope that nothing else coincides with it as well.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Blogger Funk

That is what I have been in for the last month. I have had nothing to say and (sadly) I haven't visited any of my lovely blogger friends! I have a few ideas brewing, though--hopefully in a couple of days I will be back to my normal, chatty, floating around everywhere self.

Until then, have a great Monday!