Saturday, July 12, 2008

Job Opening...

Just a word of all may want to steer clear of the Greater Cincinnati area on may melt.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Month...

I haven't blogged in a month. Over a month, actually...and I don't have a good reason. Honestly, I just hadn't felt like it. Things have been stressful off and on here at Rambling Shan's house and I just haven't had the energey to blog...much less come up with something witty to blog about.

So, to let you know, here is (part of) what is going on...

My dogs are in bad shape. They have each had bad allergies since they were about 3. We know that Gizmo is allergic to dust mites (we had him tested a long time ago), but we don't know about Loki. We have tried everything the vet can offer--medication, special shampoo, special food, restrictive diets (which means none of the treats they love because they can't have wheat, beef, chicken, rice, etc...all the normal stuff), expensive trips to the vet, topical treatments, you name it...we've tried it and nothing is working. Even the special diet--which means (thankfully) it isn't a food allergy...but it also means that we don't know what it is. The vet wants me to bring them back this week so we can determine if they need to see a dog dermatologist...can you believe it? I don't even have a dermatologist!

One problem that bother me more than anything is that they have been on Prednisone off and on for over three years...and that is not good for them at all. It actually stopped controlling their itchiness, so I took them off it about three weeks ago. They are still itchy, but I think they feel better (if that makes sense).

My yoga instructor suggested that I try fish oil supplements, so I am going to try that this week (after talking to the vet, of course) to see if that will help at this point, we are willing to try almost anything because they deserve an itch free life--and it is our job to give it to them.

So, what else am I willing to do? Buy a Dyson vacuum. Why? Because we know that Gizmo is allergic to dust mites and Dyson vacuums are certified by the allergy association...which means they eliminate allergens from the home...and I am willing to try. I also figure that the $550 I spend on a Dyson may actually reduce the amount I have to spend on the vet.

If any of you have any natural remedies that I could try to alleviate some suffering, please let me know. We are at the end of our rope and we would really like to not have to medicate them if at all possible...they don't need to live doped up forever.