Friday, January 9, 2009

A Change is Coming...

Lately I noticed that I only posted when I had negative things to say or when something in the world provoked a negative reaction. I never posted about anything happy. So, starting soon, I will be using this blog to give my insights, opinions and commentary on products I have used, movies I have seen, books I have read, music I have heard...and some of it should be positive! For those of you who swing by only to get a dose of my wit, sarcasm and opinionated personality, don't will be there. It's genetic. :-)

Looks like Rambling Shan is about to become "Reviewing Shan..."

I figure I'll put my opinions to good use. See you all soon!

3 rambled with me...:

JoJO a. said...

Hi Shan!
I've missed you blog, it brings me back lol...
Can't wait to read your sarcastic comments once more.

JoJO a.
from No Barking After SIX
(I'm trying to get back too)

Shan said...

Good to see you, JoJo! I was sad when your blog vanished. Let me know if you get back up and running...I will stop by and say hello.

Skittles said...

Nothing wrong with mixing things up a little. Life can't be ALL happy either. Can it? *scratching my head*

So nice to see you again. :)